Essential for security and privacy

By establishing a secure channel connection, it can effectively encrypt network communications, ensure the completeness and accuracy of network data, and prevent communication records from being stolen by hackers in an insecure network environment (such as public Wi-Fi).

Wide range of equipment support

Windows, Mac, iOS, Android are natively supported. In addition to manual setting and use, it also provides dedicated client software, which occupies a small operating resource and is simple to use without complicated configuration. It is recommended to use it first.

99% high availability

Real-time status monitoring in the background, automatic preprocessing of abnormal lines. Cooperate with technicians for fixed-point inspections to ensure smooth line operation to the greatest extent. Even if it is affected by a sudden failure, it can respond to the update and solve it in time.

High-speed service node

Using enterprise-level commercial server groups and cooperating with well-known IDC service providers, both line bandwidth and hardware resources can be effectively guaranteed. Runs in high-quality computer rooms around the world, providing high-speed interconnection experience.

Rich connection protocol

It supports multiple virtual private network protocols, strong encryption, and has good platform and network compatibility. While providing more choices, it also improves the stability of the network connection, allowing you to have a more comfortable network experience.

Perfect after-sales support

We attach great importance to your experience and continue to improve the product itself for this purpose. If you encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to contact the online customer service to help solve the problem, or check the website help center column.